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VT601 & VT602 Series

New generation media for vitrification developed and manufactured by KITAZATO. KITAZATO MEDICAL GROUP has been leading Assisted Reproduction Technologies being a pioneer of vitrification since we introduced Cryotop in 2001. After spending sufficient R&D period for development of new vitrification media, we provide synthetic media absolutely free from animal derived protein. The feature of the media contributes to high consistent quality and reliability minimizing difference among lots. KITAZATO gives a baby with a healthy birth and a mother with peace of mind.

Shelf Life

6 months from the date of manufacture.

Cryotop Safety Kit-Vitfication

Cryotop Safety Kit-Vitfication
  • VT601 × 1
  • Cryotop × 4
  • Repro Plate × 2

Cryotop Safety Kit-Thawing

Cryotop Safety Kit-Thawing
  • VT602 × 1
  • 35mm Dish × 2
  • Repro Plate × 1