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Integra 3™

Introducing the new Integra 3™ – Available from September 2013

Every detail of the Integra 3™ is geared towards one goal – to ensure you create the best possible conditions for ICSI and sample manipulation. One feature that makes this possible is our new and world-leading Thermosafe™ warm-air technology.

Put simply, this is an integral heating system that helps to keep samples at the optimum temperature. It emits warm air towards the Petri dish precisely and uniformly. The result of this is a fail-safe guarantee, with no more cold spots, no more hot spots and no more ambiguity. There is also a stage temperature health indicator light to reassure you that the integrated heated stage is functioning correctly.

Features :

No Cold Spots

The new Integra 3™ features the revolutionary Thermosafe™ which, by passing a gentle stream of warm air under the Petri dish, maintains sample temperature across the dish


Improved rapid micropipette set-up with one-step angle adjustment

Precise and intuitive control

When you perform ART micromanipulation procedures, accuracy is paramount. Integra 3™ offers the finest possible movement on the XYM stage and fine and coarse levers, centring knobs and a choice of oil or air syringes for the control of specimens.


Bigger built-in mechanical XY stage and controllers with easy access buttons and touch screen space


Motion sensor LED light underneath the stage for improved visibility when changing objectives


Stage temperature control status indicator light and alarm monitors every second of the process

More giant steps in the world of micromanipulation

We’ve added a whole spectrum of other functions and features that improve on our previous model, the Integra Ti™. You’ll find they all add up to making the Integra 3™ the most intuitive and natural micromanipulation system the world has ever known.

Colour touch screen

A 100 x 50mm liquid crystal display can check temperature, track time with a stopwatch and count the number of injections done. The electronic height gauges track the vertical movement of the fine controller.

Shortcut video and images

If you need to keep track of samples or procedures,just hit the shortcut buttons to film or photograph any stage of the process. There’s a stopwatch to keep track of timings too.

RI Viewer™ Software

You can use the Integra 3™ as a stand-alone machine,or if it’s connected to a computer, we can supply the RI Viewer™ software. With RI Viewer™ you can use the shortcut keys and sync up with Saturn™ laser and IMSI systems. Enjoy razor-sharp full screen imaging from the microscope, with digital magnification and a modern, clean user interface. It also offers line measurement tools and a built in simulator for training and demonstration purposes.


The Integra 3™ includes two of our SAS air syringes as standard. These syringes offer superb control and eliminate the need for oil. Also available is the SAS-SE for superfine air control or our SOS oil syringe with a quick fill feature for minimum set-up time.

Specifications :