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PH Meter

Building on the success and popularity of our pH Meter, RI now offers a new compact version, the pH Meter 3.

Smaller, lighter and with an improved digital probe, it allows you to read and record media pH in real-time inside any popular incubator, including benchtop models. The large colour screen guides you quickly through the calibration and use of the meter.

With the pH Meter 3 you can see exactly what is happening to the media during culture to better inform lab protocols and optimise conditions. The pH Meter is suitable for various laboratory surveys and is compatible with standard media equilibration practises. The amount of data storage has been increased from 300 to 65,000 log points per log file, with the capacity for multiple files, in anticipation of transfer to your PC and our dedicated software, using adaptable graphs to display pH and the temperature over time. Details can also be archived, reported to other software programs and printed for lab records.

Features :

Key benefits


New pH Meter readings with excellent calibration response and repeatability


Suitable for use with all popular incubators including benchtop versions


VF culture dish design and improved robust probe

Increased data storage capacity

New LCD display and user interface

Language options

English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish available

Why use the RI pH Meter?

Measuring the pH of culture media accurately is extremely difficult because the pH of media droplets under oil shifts above 7.4 within just 2mins 30 seconds of removal from the incubator. So the likelihood is, if measuring the pH of media outside of the incubator, that you are measuring artefact pH Levels.

The RI pH Meter 3 provides accurate, real-time analysis of media pH within the incubator using its unique custom IVF pH probe. The probe fits into all incubators and allows embryologists to measure the effect of CO2 concentration and other factors on the pH in the media. No more guesswork or assumptions when trying to deliver the correct pH for the media being used.

How is it used?

A media droplet is made up in the pH probe well and placed in the incubator. The thin ribbon cable can be passed out through a sample port or through the incubator door. The pH meter will then measure and display the pH in real-time.

How does it work?

The probe has a semiconductor sensor at the tip. The probe is placed in the 4 well shaped holder. This holder has a well where the media sample is placed. The probe also contains a sensor that measures the temperature of the sample and compensates the pH reading accordingly.

Software trend analysis

The meter has on board memory for datalogging. Test results stored by the pH meter may be easily downloaded to a personal computer for analysis and printing. With the auto archiving feature, the software is very easy to use.

Specifications :