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Saturn 5™

The new Saturn 5™ fixed position laser system provides safe and effective laser ablation of the zona pellucida. Using a high power ablation laser and a visible pilot laser transmitted through fibre optics, the RI Saturn 5™ laser system is the most accurate system on the market today.

Features :

Energy Delivered vs. Hole Diameter3 Using Saturn™ Laser

The new Saturn 5™ laser system uses cutting edge fibre-optic and laser technology optimised for the best in speed, safety, accuracy and smooth operation. By employing a higher laser power, Saturn 5™ applies less energy to achieve a specified hole size in comparison to lower power laser systems.

The Saturn 5™ laser system guarantees the exact position of the ablation laser with a red pilot beam in order to confirm the shape and focus of the beam. Only Saturn 5™ laser systems have this feature.

Laser alignment

Included with Saturn 5™ is RI Viewer software offering a modern, clean user interface and featuring:

The Saturn 5™ laser system comes with an optional programmable foot pedal for ease and speed of use.

The Saturn 5™ laser is a Class 1 laser product as defined by international laser safety standards. It is CE-marked and FDA cleared.

3RI White Paper – “A comparison of different power levels used by laser systems in the IVF laboratory” – Available upon request.

Specifications :