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Saturn 5 Active™

The new Saturn 5™ Directional laser system provides safe and effective laser ablation of the zona pellucida.

The Saturn 5™ Biopsy Mode is helping you to advance improvements in biopsy methods; potentially reducing procedure time, and lowering the incidence of blastocyst collapse and the need to mechanically tear off cells1.

sing the Biopsy Mode, you can draw a straight or curved line along the sample and then select the number and size of the holes on it, then simply “fire”. The laser will ablate exactly along the chosen path. It means you no longer need to move the holding pipette at all. Indeed, for assisted hatching a holding pipette is not required.

Features :

Benefits :

The new Saturn 5 Active™ directional laser system uses cutting edge fibre-optic, laser and robotic technology delivering the best in speed, safety, accuracy and smooth operation.

By employing a higher laser power, Saturn 5 Active™ applies less energy to achieve a specified hole size in comparison to lower power laser systems. (See graph.)

Energy delivered vs.hole diameter

The Saturn 5 Active™ also has a new faster motor helping to cut down on procedure times. The Saturn 5 Active™ laser system has a red pilot beam that confirms the shape and focus of the beam, as well as guaranteeing the exact position of the ablation laser.

The Saturn 5 Active™ laser is a Class 1 laser product as defined by international laser safety standards. It is CE-marked and FDA cleared1.

RI Viewer™ software is included with Saturn 5 Active™ and Saturn 5™. It offers a modern, clean user interface featuring:

Specifications :