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Customer Support

Customer Support

Our aim is to expand our market & influence by earning the trust and confidence of the local and international customers.

Galaxy IVF team provides efficient and unbound customer services.

Embryology Services

We provide assistance in providing complete embryology services from Ovum Pick-up to embryo transfer. Qualified and experienced team of clinicians and embryologists are selected to provide these services.

Air Quality Evolution & Improvement

We have capability to thoroughly evaluation Air quality on existing Lab and recommend appropriate steps to improve the same.

Hand on Training for lab staff

We offers comprehensive hands on training in collaboration with??

Annual Maintenances of IVF Lab Equipments

We undertake Annul Maintenance contracts for IVF Labs with the support of its highly qualified team of Engineers.

We also cater to calibration contracts with our highly accurate calibration equipments.

To design, built and setting up IVF Lab, complete world class IVF center or IUI lab is important turnkey project and you need an expert to talk care of it. You need specialist of IVF lab design like: Galaxy IVF.