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Mackler Sperm Counting Chambers



Reusable, Fast and most accurate Sperm Counting Chamber for count and motility evaluation of unprepared semen. The motile sperms counted in ten squares of the grid represent the total count in Millions/ml.

The number of spermatozoa counted in any strip of 10 squares indicates their concentration as millions per ml.

The MAKLER Counting Chamber for Rapid Semen Analysis

Chamber Description :

The Makler Counting Chamber is only 10 microns deep : 1/10th of the depth of ordinary hemocytometers, making it the shallowest of known chambers. Constructed from two pieces of optically flat glass, the upper layer serves as a cover glass, with a 1 sq. mm fine grid in the center subdivided into 100 squares of 0.1 X 0.1 mm each. Spacing is firmly secured by four quartz pins.

Analysis Technique :

A small, un-calibrated drop from a well mixed undiluted specimen is placed in the center of the Chamber by means of a simple rod and immediately covered. A microscopic objective of 20x is required.

Motility Evaluation :

Non-motile sperm are counted within an area of nine or sixteen squares in the center of the grid. Moving sperms are then counted, and graded if desired. The procedure is repeated in several areas. Percentage of motility and its quality are then calculated.

Sperm Count :

A part of the original specimen is transferred to another test tube for immobilization by the insertion of the tube in hot water (50° - 60°) : a cup with 2/3 boiling water and 1/3 tap water is suggested. A drop of the specimen is then placed in the Chamber and counting initiated : sperm heads within a ten square area are counted in the same manner as blood cells are counted in a hemocytometer, their number represents their concentration in millions /ml. In cases of oiligospermic semen, sperms in the entire grid area are to be counted, representing their concentration in hundreds of thousands.

The Chamber is easily rinsed with water for reuse. Contact surfaces are wiped with special lens paper after washing.