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Olympus IX51 Inverted microscope


Product Highlights

Superior frame stability, ergonomic layout and low-positioned controls make the IX51 the user-friendly microscope for high-volume laboratories. Efficient operation is complimented by an unobtrusive long working distance condenser and adjustment-free 30W halogen illumination.

Advanced Phase Contrast technology offers superior imaging of multi-well plates and cultures.

Optional pre-centered phase optics provide ease of use and excellent images critical for high throughput, multiple user laboratories.

Image intensity for fluorescence microscopy is extremely bright using the "straight path," high-efficiency, fluorescence illuminator. Both illuminators combine with the six-position filter turret for superb flexibility. An L-Shaped illuminator is also available with Aperture and Field Stops plus easy burner centration.

Modular design and a host of system components optimize features and optics for each laboratory. The sideport accepts video or digital cameras while the trinocular observation tube provides an additional photo port.

Complete and Modular Condenser System :